Real Estate Rockstars Host

Aaron Amuchastegui

Aaron currently owns over 800 homes, leads several successful companies, and hosts the world's largest podcast for real estate professionals.


In January of 2021, Aaron bet big on real estate and had returns of nearly 50% in under one year. Prior to that, Aaron flipped more than 1,000 houses and holds more than 800 single family properties for rentals. He was one of the first to invest in foreclosures in 2009 and started investing in Texas in 2015.

Additionally, Aaron has built several companies in real estate, construction, finance, and software focused on efficiency, productivity, and the “4-hour-workweek lifestyle.”

As someone who’s gone from “being broke to being blessed,” he’s hoping to help others succeed by sharing the knowledge, systems, and tools that he used to build an awesome life and achieve true financial freedom.

Mastermind CEO

Leading the Mastermind since its inception in 2022

Real Estate Investor

Owns over 800 doors and purchases new properties monthly

Podcast Host

Host of Real Estate Rockstars, the largest podcast for real estate professionals

Lifelong Entrepreneur

Founder, leader, and visionary responsible for the success of multiple companies