david osborn

Operating Partner at Keller Williams

David Osborn

David built a top real estate brokerage, has founded 50+ companies, and currently serves as the chairman of a major private equity fund.


After sticking out his thumb and traveling the world, David returned home to Austin, Texas broke and unemployed, at the age of 26. Though his travels may not have yielded wealth, they instilled the key motivation that he brings to every part of his life to create it — freedom.

Because to have everything you ever wanted takes the opportunity to design your life and believe it can happen.

Through this intention, David began to test his entrepreneurial merits alongside his business-partner mom in the world of real estate. The results were nothing short of remarkable. In less than 10 years, David would go on to build one of the top real estate brokerages in the world, founding over 50 companies.

Yet, more than anything else, the inherent freedom derived from his success awards him the time to focus on the importance on what matters most: being a proud father of two beloved daughters, a son and husband to the wonderful and talented Traci Osborn.

Today, still rooted in his boundless sense of adventure, David continues to travel the world not only to be enlightened by new experiences, but to share his insight and expertise with others so they, too, can truly be free.

Bestselling Author

David has written several books, including the bestseller Wealth Can't Wait

Operating Partner at Keller Williams

David helped found one of the world's largest real estate brokerages and still serves as an operating partner

Chairman of a Major Private Equity Fund

David's firm takes an institutional approach to the fragmented market of single-family real estate